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The IAMUCLA team is conducting a weekly 2 hour session on Shibboleth.

This session covers the basics, from setting up your server to install and configure it for your application.

The current schedule is as follows:




7/31 1 to 3pm

AIS Bridge Conference room


8/7 1 to 3pm

AIS Bridge Conference room

TBD depending on audience

8/21 1 to 3pm

AIS Bridge Conference room

TBD depending on audience

If you are interested sign up by sending an email to

Shibboleth Set Up Guide

Directions to Training Site:

When you arrive at Murphy Hall, 1st Floor, make your way to the East end closest to Hilgard Ave. Take the elevator up to the 3rd Floor and check in at the AIS front desk.

The session materials for the first IAMUCLA Mini-Conference has has been posted on the IAMUCLA support site.

The Middleware Infrastructure Team is hosting the first official IAMUCLA Mini-Conference on April 15, 2008. IAMUCLA(Identity & Access Management @ UCLA) is the new program name for what some of you may know as EDIMI. Basically, that's ISIS, Shibboleth, UCLA Logon, Enterprise Directory, and a few other things we will be announcing.

Event: April 2008 IAMUCLA Mini-Conference
Location: Sequoia Room, Faculty Center
Time: April 15, 2008, 1 to 3 PM

We will cover the following at this 2 hour event:

  • IAMUCLAOverview
    • What is it, what services are available?
    • IAMUCLARoadmap
  • IAMUCLA Wiki Launch (preview at:
  • ISIS to Shibboleth Migration
    • Migration Roadmap
    • Shibboleth Architecture
    • Shibboleth Service Provider Set Up
  • Q & A

This is a technical session, and we hope to keep this event demo-heavy. Specifically, we will devote a significant portion of the event to a live demonstration of how to set up an Apache/Tomcat web application to integrate with UCLA's Shibboleth single sign-on environment.

Spaces is somewhat limited. Please RSVP at:

For additional information regarding this event, please contact Carl Uebelhart.

An email went to the ISIS Developer's List and AIS Staff and Contractors on March 3, 2008 inviting the groups to preview the IAMUCLA web site.

Hi all,

The Middleware Infrastructure Group (aka the ISIS team) would like to invite you to preview the new IAMUCLA (Identity & Access Management @ UCLA) support web site.

IAMUCLA is the new name for the suite of identity management related projects and services, including ISIS, Enterprise Directory, and Shibboleth.

Among other things, you'll find materials on the site to help you migrate from ISIS to Shibboleth. If you have specific questions about the migration, please contact Xiaoling Zhang at

This site is open for public preview. Please help us improve its content by sending us feedback after visiting it.

FYI, this support site is a Shibboleth-enabled applciation. Although login is not required, should you click on that login link, you will be redirected through the whole federated sign-on sequence. This includes choosing your home organization on the InCommon Federation Where-Are-You-From page.

Please send general site feedback to Albert Wu ( Thank you.

albert wu
Middleware Infrastructure is moving!

The middleware infrastructure wiki is moving to a new server., the current MI wiki is being retired to test status to make way for a new, beefier wiki server! The new server will have a public hostname of Among the changes, the new server now houses its database on the new SQL server cluster. There has also been minor path adjustments in Apache/Tomcat set up to hopefully address a nagging bug we've been having with integrating Shibboleth with Confluence.

The new server is under final prep. The move is expected to happen sometime in mid February.