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ISIS to Shibboleth Migration Help Center

This page is being updated and refined - the information on it is not yet considered to be "official". Thanks for your understanding!

Background Stuff

  • What is Shibboleth? What can it do for me?
  • Why do I have to migrate?
  • Migration Roadmap - When do I have to do this by?
  • Details about logon ID support. What about QDB and ACF2 IDs?
  • Will Shib be backward compatible with ISIS?
  • What are the technical differences between ISIS and Shib?'
  • What is the SLA for Shib?

How To's

  • What do I need to get started? (Prerequisite)
  • What kind of code do I have to write?
  • Migration checklist
  • Platform requirements
  • My application is vendor hosted. What do I need to know?
  • When my application runs with Shibboleth, will my users be getting "000000000" for UIDs?
  • When my application runs with Shibboleth, will I be getting the ip error message "The user's browser IP address has changed..."?
  • Will I still need to use my Appid?
  • What about isis ticket once my application is migrated?

For the Help Desks

  • How will migration affect help desk support?

For the IT Folks

  • What is the operational maintenance overhead for Shibboleth?
  • How often do I need to upgrade?
  • I have a java servlet app running directly off of my Java app server. What do I do?
  • Login page customization
  • What coding will I need to do?
  • I knew the current version of Shibboleth doesn't have a logout feature, how do I sign user out?
  • Only users with UID have access to my application. What will be returned for UID if a user without a UID tries to login?
  • My application is developed/hosted by a vendor/other campus, will this have any impacts on my application?
  • My application runs on a web server other than IIS/Apache, can it run with Shibboleth?
  • Will I still get the same data as I did from ISIS? Anything new?

For the End Users

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