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  • CTG/UC Next Accomplishments 2015
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2015 UC CTG MILESTONES Accomplished: 

  • FEB 2015 - At the in-person ITLC - Created and Demonstrated a Beta Version of 

  • AUG 2015 - At UCCSC - Launched the UCNeXt project with a TED TALK

  • OCT. 22, 2015 - CTG Chairs gave the ITLC an update on UC Next system progress

  • DEC 2015 - Completed Shibboleth Integration with 10 campuses and some of the labs using UC Trust

2015 UC CTG Technology & Collaboration initiatives Accomplished:

  • SEPT 16th, 2015 - Presented on UC Next at the MMWCON Conference

  • OCT. 29th, 2015 - CTG Chairs presented UC Next at the Educause Annual Conference

  • ALL Year - Lead a virtual team of Ruby on Rails Developers to BUILD UC Next

    1. Using AGILE methodologies:

      1. Met weekly for a "SCRUM" session for updates and issues

      2. Prioritized enhancements based upon feedback from the Steering Committee

      3. CTG Steering Committee of UC Next met biweekly - to discuss strategy, integration projects, funding and dev priorities


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