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  • Plans for 2016 for the CTG/UC Next Group
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1)  Work to make the UC IT Community aware of the UC Next Ideation and Collaboration Platform

  • Proposal for a special "IT Outstanding Collaborators" Award to be given out by the ITLC at the UCCSC conference
  • Present to the ITLC the UC Next strategic outreach plan 
  • Distribute the UC Next Communications messages that will kick-off at a location by each location CIO
  • Promote and Pull together 2 UC Next events in the March /April timeframe
    • A UC NeXt FEST - SOUTH - to be held at UCLA
    • A UC NeXt FEST - NORTH - to be held a ?????? ( we need a sponsor)

 2) Continue to build out functionality for the UC Next System, that will do the following:

  • Enhance the collaboration features and functionality on the UC Next Ideation site
  • Enhance the communication of participants on the UC Next site
  • Enhance the visibility of the site interactions
  • Demonstrate the connections being made on the UC Next Site
  • Show the outcomes that are resulting from the sharing and collaborating inspired by the site
    • This includes being able to track IDEAS that become PROJECTS that move into an OPERATIONAL mode



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