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Established in 1993 under the executive sponsorship of the UC Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC), the UC Software and Services Group (SSG), formerly known as the Technology Acquisition Support Group (TAS), serves the UC community by identifying and implementing systemwide agreements for the IT products and services commonly used in support of UC's teaching, research and public service missions. 

As a Community of Interest, representatives are put forth by each UC institution. SSG efforts and initiatives are inclusive and collaborative, and are coordinated with its constituents and peer groups throughout the UC system.

SSG represents consumers of IT products and services in the acquisition and supplier management process, including defining business requirements, negotiations, managing vendor relationships, and sharing expertise and best practices among UC institutions.

While the most visible results of SSG efforts are substantially reduced prices, SSG places additional emphasis on other factors, such as total cost of ownership, institutional needs, risk mitigation, cost of change, ease of administration, and interoperability with existing infrastructure.

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