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The Enterprise Directory defines uclaEmployeeCampusMailingAddress as an employee's campus mailing address where official university business communication is to be delivered. This is also the mailing address shown on the UCLA Online Directory when applicable privacy rule permits.

Data Flow

If the person has a valid 6 digit uclaEmployeeCampusMailCode, this attribute is constructed based on the campus mail code master table on daily basis. If not, this attribute is concatenated with the values in EAD_CMPWRK_ADRLNE1, EAD_CMPWRK_ADRLNE2, EAD_CMPWRK_ADRCITY, EAD_CMPWRK_ADSTATE, EAD_CMPWRK_ADRZIP in PP0EAD from Payroll Personnel System (PPS) via Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) on a daily basis.

Source System

PPS system managed by Payroll/Personnel, Business Applications, ITS.

Access Permission

Contact data owner UCLA payroll Office.


This is the usage of this attribute in the attribute-map.xml file. For more information about Mapping the attribute please visit Shibboleth wiki.

Code Block
<Attribute name="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113898." id="SHIBUCLAEMPLOYEECAMPUSMAILINGADDRESS"/>