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UCLA Logon ID Overview

Who Should Read: This document is written for anyone curious about the UCLA Logon ID.

The UCLA Logon ID is UCLA's campus online identifier. It is used to sign into most UCLA services, include over 200 web applications, the campus wireless network, Bruin Online email and VPN services, and many computer lab workstations.

For Community Members...

An UCLA Logon ID acts like an electronic ID card. When you use it to sign into a system authorized to see your personal information, your UCLA Logon ID identifies who you are to that system.

Remember: having a logon ID does not automatically grant you access to all systems. Getting a UCLA Logon ID is the first step in gaining access to campus resources. You may need to request access for specific services separately.

For Campus IT Professionals...

Integrating your application to support sign-on using the UCLA Logon ID eliminates the need to manage a separate account space. It simplifies the sign-in process for your users since she only has to remember one logon ID/password.

Getting a UCLA Logon ID

All members of UCLA are eligible for an UCLA Logon ID. If you are an employee or a student, it is likely that you already have one. The UCLA Logon ID was formerly known as the Bruin Online Logon ID.

UC employees from other campuses, parents of students, UCLA Extension students & visiting scholars may also be eligible for UCLA Logon IDs in order to access a number of UCLA hosted administrative applications.