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ISIS to Shibboleth Migration Help Center


Background Stuff

  • What is Shibboleth? What can it do for me?
  • Why do I have to migrate?
  • Migration Roadmap - When do I have to do this by?
  • Details about logon ID support. What about QDB and ACF2 IDs?
  • Will Shib be backward compatible with ISIS?
  • What are the technical differences between ISIS and Shib?'
  • What is the SLA for Shib?

How To's

  • What do I need to get started? (Prerequisite)
  • What kind of code do I have to write?
  • Migration checklist
  • Platform requirements
  • My application is vendor hosted. What do I need to know?
  • When my application runs with Shibboleth, will my users be getting "000000000" for UIDs?
  • When my application runs with Shibboleth, will I be getting the ip error message "The user's browser IP address has changed..."?
  • Will I still need to use my Appid?
  • What about isis ticket once my application is migrated?

For the Help Desks

  • How will migration affect help desk support?

For the IT Folks

  • What is the operational maintenance overhead for Shibboleth?
  • How often do I need to upgrade?
  • I have a java servlet app running directly off of my Java app server. What do I do?
  • Login page customization
  • What coding will I need to do?
  • I knew the current version of Shibboleth doesn't have a logout feature, how do I sign user out?
  • Only users with UID have access to my application. What will be returned for UID if a user without a UID tries to login?
  • My application is developed/hosted by a vendor/other campus, will this have any impacts on my application?
  • My application runs on a web server other than IIS/Apache, can it run with Shibboleth?
  • Will I still get the same data as I did from ISIS? Anything new?


This page contains resources designed to help you migrate your ISIS enabled applications to Shibboleth.



Getting Started

Overview and FAQ
Why are we migrating?

Migration Roadmap
When is all this supposed to happen?

Migration Self Assessment Guide
What should I think about as I prepare to migrate?



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