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h2. Install and Configure Shibboleth SP 1.3
{quote}*Who Should Read:* This document is written for technical staff looking to integrate their application with Shibboleth SP 1.3.{quote} 

{note}* Please note this applies for Shibboleth SP version 1.3 only.
* If you are migrating an existing ISIS enabled application to Shibboleth, be sure visit the [ISIS to Shibboleth Migration|IsisShibMigration] page for additional help materials.

This document provides detailed information on how to install and configure a web application to plug into the UCLA single sign-on environment via Shibboleth.

h4. About Setting up Shibboleth

* [Amount of Time it Takes to Integrate With Shibboleth|ShibTime]
* [System Requirements|SystemRequirements]
* [Obtaining digital certificate|ObtainingCertificate]
* [Planning your data access needs|DetermineDataNeeded]
* [Test Instance|TestInstance]

h3. Platform-specific Install Guides for SP v1.3

* [Linux and Apache|InstallShibSPOnLinuxApache]
* [Windows and IIS|InstallShibSPOnWindowsIIS]
* [Windows and Apache|InstallShibSPOnWindowsApache]

h4. Configuration options for SP v1.3 (Platform-independent)

* [Federated deployment using Testshib|TestshibFederation]
* [Bilateral deployment |BilateralDeployment]
* [AAP Configuration and Attribute Usage|AAPConfUsage]
* [Common Shibboleth Problems|CommonShibbolethProblems]
* [Attributes Available via Shibboleth|AvailableShibAttributes]

h3. Related/Advanced Material for SP 1.3

* [Advanced Shibboleth Configuration|ShibbolethSPAdvanceConfiguration]
* [Prepare Shibboleth SP for Production Deployment|iamucla:ShibbolethSPMigration2Production]{builder-hide}* [Configuring Shibboleth to Protect Root Level with Tomcat/Apache|ShibbolethRootLevelConfiguration]{builder-hide}
* [Site Refresh Metadata Auto Refresh Tool|ConfiguringSiteRefresh]
* [Shibboleth related articles at the UCLA knowledgebase|;search?keywords=shibboleth]
* [Slides from the ISIS & Shibboleth Technical Information Session|IsisShibSlides]
* [Shibboleth Glossary|ShibGlossary]