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  • SRSAffiliated
    • Source: Focus Job SR0#V610 Report
    • Logic: If UID exists in this report, SRSAffiliated is set in this attribute for the entry indentified identified by the UID in uclaUniversityID.
  • PPSAffiliated
    • Source: PP0PER
    • Logic: If EMP_STATUS is any of ('A', 'I', 'N', 'P'), (ie, EMP_STATUS <> 'S'), PPSAffiliated is set in this attribute for the entry. This logic includes people at UCOP and UCMerced who are managed by UCLA Payroll & Personnel System.


SRS system managed by the RegistrarorRegistrar's Office.
PPS system managed by Payroll/Personnel team, Business Applications at IT Services.

Access Permission

For students, contact data owner UCLA RegistrarorRegistrar's Office.
For employees, contact data owner UCLA Payroll Office.


This is the usage of this attribute in the attribute-map.xml file. For more information about Mapping the attribute please visit Shibboleth wiki.

Code Block
 <Attribute name="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113898." id="SHIBUCLAPERSONDIRECTORYLISTAFFILIATION"/>