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uclaASUCLAID (ASUCLA ID) is a 9-digit number assigned to ASUCLA employees by ASUCLA payroll system. It is not to be confused by the UID assigned to UCLA students and employees by the UID system. ASUCLA is a separate organization from UCLA, but has a very close relationship with UCLA. ASUCLA employee are not the same as UCLA employee. The ASUCLA ID is normally within the within the range of '009000000' to '999999999' to avoid collision with UID, but exceptions exist. If a person has been or is currently a UCLA employee or student, the person's UID is normally adopted as his/her ASUCLA ID.

Data Flow

The Enterprise Directory receives a daily employee file from ASUCLA payroll system. The file containes:

Status: 'A'-Active or 'L'-Leave of Absence or 'T'-Terminated

The file is processed and loaded in ED at 5:00 am daily based on the following logic:

  • The entry is updated only for ASUCLA specific attributes if the ASUCLA_ID is found a match in uclaUniversityID. The rest of the attributes are updated based on data from UID system because UID system is considerred as the authoritative system for UID owner.

Source System

ASUCLA payroll system managed by ASUCLA

Access Permission

Contact data owner ASUCLA payroll office.