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Introducing the
At Your Service Program

Shibboleth Setup On-Demand

We understand that configuring a Shibboleth SP on your own can be a challenge and therefore are happy to provide our in-person services to you.

Every Tuesday in AIS, we will hold "office hours" where you can sign up for a time slot & bring your materials in so that we can help you along in an expedited manner. The end of the year deadline is quickly approaching and we strongly urge you to take advantage of this service.

Obviously, the proper preparation on your end will speed up the process. We ask that you come ready with the following:

  • An overall plan of migration including an estimated timeframe
  • Data needs and approvals (please submit your data request ahead of time so we can help you get approval)
  • Try installing the SP in a clean test environment so we can quickly help you configure it
  • Remote access to your server (proper access to the server for installing software, editing files, etc)

House Calls

We also offer a house call service where you make an appointment for us to come to your work environment. We ask that you have the same preparatory items ready.


Our team wants to do anything we can to help you reach your deadline. Just let us know how we can help.

Please email us to set up your time slot or appointment.