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System Requirements

UCLA Middleware maintains and administers both test and production Identity Provider (IdP) Servers for UCLA. Developers will need to run a service provider (SP) so their applications can authorize against our (or another federation members) Identity Provider.

Operating System

Internet2 has installation guides for the following operating systems:

  • Linux: Install the SP on most distributions of Linux.
  • Mac OS X: Install the SP on Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.
  • Solaris: Install the SP on 32-bit Solaris 2.8 or other, unsupported versions.
  • Windows: Install the SP under IIS or Apache on Windows.


team also has installation guides

Web Server

Shibboleth is known to run on IIS 6, Apache 1.3.x, and Apache 2.0.x. You will need OpenSSL installed if you are using Apache.


When installing shibboleth the proper privileges are needed. You will be rebooting services, making configuration changes, installing packages, generating certs, check of logs, opening firewall ports and etc. Please make sure you or someone who is installing Shibboleth has the proper access to do these things.