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CONTRACT NAME Payment Cycle if applicableRenewal Cycle DateContract expiration
Adobe CLPevery 2 years4/30/20154/30/2015
Adobe ETLA (for Acrobat)annual5/16/20165/16/2016
Apple Computer until expireduntil expired
Credant Technologies
Until Expired; Anniversary Date Shown
Dell (PCs, Dell peripherals, ad-hoc software; does not include mid-range servers, a separate Dell contract) Karen Rhee UCOP contact 1/31/20151/31/2015
Dell (Servers, Storage) 12/12/201412/12/2014
ESRI 1/31/20151/31/2015
HP(Servers, Storage) 12/12/201412/11/2014
JMP (SAS Institute)annual4/14/20154/14/2015
Maplesoft (Waterloo Maple) 6/30/20156/30/2015
Until Terminated; Anniversary Date Shown
Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement
Microsoft Corp. (Services & Support)
Until Expired
Microsoft Select3 years1/31/20171/31/2017
dSAS Instituteannual6/30/20146/30/2017
SHI (Software House International) 1/31/20191/31/2019
Sophos PLC1,3, or 5 years3/31/20153/31/2015
Symantec/PGP 11/24/201411/24/2014
Vmware no contractno contract
Wolfram (Mathematica perpetual licenses) 6/30/20156/30/2015
Potential additions: Matlab? Turnitin?