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Monthly Conference Call

Unless otherwise noted, ITAG conference calls are held 10:00-11:00 on the first Friday of every month.

Mission Statement

Foundation for Collaboration on Technology Enabled UC Solutions, Pillar II - Establish the enterprise architecture and technology infrastructure necessary to promote and support interoperability and sharing of IT solutions among and between campuses.

The Information Technology Architecture Group (ITAG) facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration across the UC campuses. We work in concert with the UC Information Technology Services (ITS) Enterprise Architecture (EA) Team, to inform and enable reuse of the UC EA Body of Knowledge (EABoK), and support campus implementations of UC-wide initiatives. ITAG is a working sub-committee of the UC Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC), and the ITLC establishes our priorities and directions, and resolves questions regarding scope, strategy, and/or policy.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Formally address architecture and middleware issues. This will include discussing and facilitating the implementation of practices, policies, and tools relating to architecture, middleware, and interoperability, especially supporting UCPath.
  • Commit to at least 4 to 8 hours a week to addressing these architecture and middleware issues.
  • Act as a conduit and/or communications resource to appropriate stakeholders and the broader campus communities to ensure that decisions and approaches are communicated / promulgated.
  • Share best practices and promote discussion of common opportunities and challenges, and act on ITLC requested initiatives as appropriate.


Jan 31, 2014 - New Confluence look and feel; simply collapse the sidebar navigation to get more screen real estate.


Feb 6 - Mar 28, 2014 - Systemwide Application Inventory



Deliverables 2013 - 2014

(see Archive for completed or canceled efforts, e.g., A1, A2, D1-4, E1-4, etc.)

#DescriptionPlanned StartPlanned EndStatus (%)Assigned To

ITLC Priority (H/M/L/Pending)

More Info
A. System Wide Integration Standards       
3 UCPath OpenPGP standards June 2013 EA - Jerome High 

 Location Web Service Reference Architecture for UCPath

  • UCSC Web Service

If possible, include UCI ESB and UCR Web Service

 Aug-Sep 20135%

EA - Jerome 

ITAG - location specific

 On hold pending project health-check

 Location s/FTP Reference Architecture for UCPath

  • UCSC
  • UCLA
 Aug-Sep 2013 

EA - Jerome 

ITAG - location specific

 On hold pending project health-check
 B. System Wide Enterprise Architecture Assets - ITAG review      

October 2013 EAA Review

  • EAA-013 - SSH File Transfer Protocol Key
  • EAA-006 - Federated authentication protocols (Cross-campus Applications)
  • EAA-007 - User Identification Attributes
  • EAA-009 - Two-way SSL (Mutual Authentication)
  • EAA-015 - Service Oriented Architecture is preferred design approach
  • EAA-018 – Last Mile security for Web Services
 Sep 2013 -Feb 2014 75%

EA - Jerome 

ITAG - All

(complete: UCI, UCSD, UCSC)

High More

April 2014 EAA Review

  • EAA-020 - Interoperability
  • EAA-025 - Data is an Asset
April 2014May 2014 

EA - Jerome

ITAG - All

C. System Wide Shared Services       
1Develop standards, guidelines and other artifacts to provide guidance on how to deliver functionality in a manner that provides reusable Shared Services   EA - Jerome High 
2Develop standards, guidelines and other artifacts on hosting Shared Services for one to many Locations    EA - Jerome   
3Evangelization of Service Oriented Architecture/Approach June 2013April 2014 80%All ITAG Members, EA - Jerome, Stephen  MediumMore
D. Location-centric      
E. ITAG Function        


H. System Wide Infrastructure Capabilities        
1Assess Enterprise Service Bus Deployment Patterns   December 201330%EA - Stephen, Jerome HighMore
2Enterprise Key & Certificate Management as-a-service   30%EA - Jerome   
3Assess use of Virtual Machine (VM) infrastructure as a mechanism to provide capabilities, functionality or Services to UC Locations e.g. Shibboleth versioning, OS hardening, regression testing, etc. performed by one team and distributed to all UC Locations as a VM     EA - Eric, Jerome  
I. System Wide Architecture Assets Repository        
J. System Wide Data Governance         
1Establish a data governance framework that gathers and maintains data models, data definitions, data services and inventory of data repositories     10%EA - Micheal   
2Establish a repository of Data Models    EA - Micheal   
3UCPath Metadata Project - Establish metadata standards, processes & guidelines necessary to establish and support UCPath metadata repository.   50%EA - Micheal, Business Intelligence Collaboration Group BICG HighMore


EAA Review and Adoption Process

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For more information about our processes, please see our Documentation.




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  1. Regarding request priorities: my responses are based on my current understanding of UCLA campus' relative project priorities. Pending discussion with our EA Oversight committee, I may amend my response.