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This sub-group is led by Opinder Bawa and Jeff Jorgenson at UCSF

This team will research collaborative video conferencing options for UC campuses to better communicate.

*Next step is to meet with ReadyTalk to look at their web conferencing options that include video streaming.

ITLC Meeting Tutorial for Web/Video Conferencing

The team will complete a tutorial for the ITLC to run their meetings via web/video conferencing.  The tutorial will focus on a single web tool, but can be modified to handle additional web tool selections.  

Word Version    click to download Word Version of the manual for editing

The tutorial will consist of the following sections (Click each section below to review the first draft):

Section 1 Background and ITLC Meeting Goals 
Section 2 Equipment and Environmental Setup
Section 3 Basic Functionality for Hosting and Attending a Meeting 
Section 4 Advanced Topics
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