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  • Meeting Notes from May 2011 ITLC - covering CTG charter
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  • We discussed the importance of every campus having representation on the committee.  Medical Centers, Students and Staff should be represented equally. 
  • Each CTG member should have regular meetings with key members on campus to make sure they are aware of e-mail rfps, ticket system discussions, LMS etc. so that there are no surprises when any decisions are made at a collaborative level.
  • ITLC members should be updated on the CTG and facilitate all communications within their own schools as well (team effort).
  • We discussed the CTG sitting on any committee that the ITLC supports or is UC wide to make sure that we share information with the rest of the CTG and vice versa.
  • We discussed the importance of providing positive feedback to the campus for any collaborations and how we can get involvement from campuses even if they are not selected to host – use Working smarter funds, made opportunities for consortiums across campuses, preserve jobs where possible to not hinder forward direction.
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