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Welcome to the home of the UC Collaboration Technology Group space 

Creators of the UC Next - Catch the Wave of Collaboration LOGO Ideation and Collaboration Platform

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held January 26th, 2016 @ Noon PST

Meetings are held bi-weekly - Via a Zoom video conference - email Rose Rocchio at to be included on the meeting invite with the link

The site has been updated for 2015-16. Click below for information on the following topics, and feel free to contact the committee chair for more information any time.


    • The mission, purpose and focus of the Collaboration Technology Group

Accomplishments in 2015

Plan for 2016


    • The meeting notes are on google docs


    • List of current (2015-2016) members, including subcommittee assignments.


    • List of current (2015-2016) subcommittees, which are working groups that report in to the CTG and ITLC, centered around specific collaborative technologies or activities.

2015-2016 Chair:  Rose Rocchio, UCLA (

2015-2016 Vice Chair:  (not yet elected) nominated candidate:  Joe Sabado - UCSB

Past Chair 2014-2015: Charles McIntyre,  Santa Cruz (



Charge (Updated October 2015)

DRAFT - CTG – Collaborative Tools Group Charge Revision

The UC Collaborative Technology Group (CTG) is a working group of the ITLC.  The CTG’s mission is to enhance, support, and promote the UC IT staff community's ability to collaborate using innovative technology solutions.  The CTG aims to provide the 7000 strong community with the opportunity to crowdsource and form organic teams around new ideas and projects allowing the UC to better collectively meet the “Next” set of challenges that we will face as institutions and as a system.  The goal of the CTG is to create a “collaborative movement” that encourages staff to endeavor to find and seek others across the system working on similar issues making cross campus collaboration more natural for the UC IT community

The CTG will work to increase the UC IT community’s frequency of interaction by leveraging both individual and campus-wide gamification allowing for measurable outcomes based upon levels of sharing and participation. Included in this effort is providing more tangible recognition of collaborative participation and volunteerism through new forms of ITLC and other sponsored digital credentials.  Further, the CTG would like to plan and coordinate additional IT collaboration events, hackathons, Ted Talks as well as innovative training programs to be held throughout the year promoting shared approaches and alignment with future and impending challenges.  Through the CTG’s initiatives, it will endeavor to increase the sharing and communication of ideas and projects that support the University's mission of teaching, research and service, now and into the “Next” phase of the UC.

As part of this mission, the CTG also functions as the UC Next Ideation platform Steering Committee, directing the development of the UC Next Ideation and Collaboration Platform.  UC Next ( the system is an IT crowd sourced environment aimed directly at bringing about more UC System collaboration around innovative ideas and projects.  UC Next provides campus engagement meters, events, and groups in addition to making digital badge awards (i.e. Sautter badges) available.  UC Next the platform is a system wide collaboration of the IT community and hopes to inspire camaraderie towards our shared UC Mission of excellence in Education, Research and Service.

The CTG also functions as an umbrella for two subgroups including the UC Mobile Collaboration Group and the UC ServiceNow Group:

The UC Mobile Collaborative Group (MCG) meets monthly to discuss mobile frameworks, strategies and how we can continue to share and collaborate in the Mobile space.  The work of the CTG MCG subcommittee in this area has several areas of focus: Frameworks and Optimization for the Mobile Web, Native Mobile approaches and governance and CASA the Community App Sharing Architecture open standard from IMS Global.  Additionally, the group acts as an advisory board for the “Mobility and The Modern Web Conference” located at  

The Service Now group facilitated dialog among UC campuses related to ServiceNow implementations. The CTG moved to change the name and charge of this group to the Service Management group which would focus on system-wide ITSM process design and strategy instead of a specific technology used for ITSM.  CTG seeks ITLC advice on the creation of a standing service management committee.

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Meetings - Schedule, Agendas and Notes

CTG meetings are happening bi-weekly on Tuesdays at Noon - contact Rose Rocchio for details

Next Meeting

Meeting Agenda - January 26th, 2016

Cloud based video conference:


  • Update of new features in next UC Next release
  • Input on Enhancement priorities
  • Discussion of Nomination for next UC CTG Vice Chair (potential)
  • Marketing Plan




Past Meetings

February 9th, 2016Feb 9-2016 - UC CTG - UCNext Meeting Notes
January 12, 2016CTG Meeting 2016-01-12
December 15, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-12-15
December 1, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-12-01
November 17, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-11-17
November 3, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-11-03
October 20, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-10-20
October 6, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-10-06
Sept 22, 2015CTG Meeting 2015-09-22
Notes in GOOGLECTG - 10/2014-8/2015

March 22, 2013

CTG Meeting 2013-03-22

January 25, 2013

CTG Meeting 2013-01-25

November 30, 2012

CTG Meeting 2012-11-30

October 26, 2012

CTG Meeting 2012-10-26

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CTG - UC Next Steering Committee Membership

Each campus's core representatives is indicated below in bold, and additional campus members are listed below.





Ann Kovalchick
(ITLC Liaison)

UC Merced / ITLC


Gabe Youtsey
(ITLC Vice Liaison)



Rose Rocchio


CTG Chair,

Mobile (chair)

Charles McIntrye
(Chair emeritus)



Joe Sabado



Jon Hays



Julia Jackson

UC Hastings






Alex Wu



Jeff Martin



Josh Selsky


Lead UC Next Development



Keith Rozettkrozzett@ssc.ucla.eduUCLA 
Lauren Cullenlcullen@oit.ucla.eduUCLA 
Shaun Liusliu@oit.ucla.eduUCLA 
Phillip Meads UCSC 
Alex Wua6wu@ucsd.eduUCSD 
Logan Frankenlogan.franken@sa.ucsb.eduUCSB 
Sara Leavittsaral@berkeley.eduUCB 
Keri Bradfordkeri.bradford@sa.ucsb.eduUCSB 
Jeff Rosczykjrosczyk@ucsc.eduUCSC 
Eric Martineric.martin@ucr.eduUCR 
Brett Pollakbpollak@ucsd.eduUCSD 
Tom Tsaitom.tsai@berkeley.eduUCB 
Ed Sakabusakabu@oit.ucla.eduUCLA 
Andrew Browningabrowning@oit.ucla.eduUCLA 


Subcommittee Members




Jake Hornsby UC Hastings - departed 
Emily Deere UCSD - departed 
Eric Bollens UCLA - departed 

Julie Austin



Stephen Benedict



Roong Uabhaibool



Gabriel Youtsey



Brett Pollak



Mojgan Amini



Richard Trott



Nguyen Trieu


Email (chair)

Jim Kreuziger



Jeff Jorgenson



Sheryl Maritn-Schult



Ron Zuniga



Scott D. Hebner



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For 2013-2014, we are carrying working towards a Service Management sub-committee in place of a Service Now group.


For 2012-2013, we are carrying forward the Email subcommittee with a shift in focus from RFP, to facilitating coordination between campuses for collaborative suites such as Google Apps for Education, and Office 365.

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Archived Material

Below is archived material from prior years, including subcommittee pages, and annual reports.


Meeting Notes from May 2011 ITLC - covering CTG charter

Notes From Past Meetings – 2011-2012

September 23rd, 11am - 12pm (30 minute premeeting to review ITLC meeting)

ITLC Meeting - September 21st  CTG Update  Collaboration Technologies meeting Sept 21.pptx

August 26th, 11am - 12pm Collaboration Technologies meeting Aug 26.pptx

July 22nd, 11am - 12pm - PPT Collaboration Technologies meeting July 22.pptx

June 24th, June 24 Agenda.docx

May 27th, CTG-EmailSubcommittee-Update06092011.docx

Prior Subcommittees
Common Directory Systems Group

Previous Years - Annual Reports

The CTG issued a fiscal year end report for the first six months of committee work:Collaboration Technology Group fiscal year update.docx  

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