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  • Feb 9-2016 - UC CTG - UCNext Meeting Notes
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CTG/UC Next - AGENDA for 2/9 @ Noon:


Present:  Ann Kovalchick( UC Merced) , Charles McIntyre (UCSC) , Rose Rocchio(UCLA) , Josh Selsky (UCLA)

Regrets:  Jeffry Martin (UCI),


  1. Update on ITLC Meeting – CTG is a “community of interest”?
  2. Discussion around what happened at the ITLC…
    1. It is important for the group to be “valued” by the ITLC to keep its momentum
    2. What can we do to support this?

  3. What is the status of the UC Next Group?
    1. Did Larry Respond to Ann’s inquiry on this?
    2. Any Update from Gabe?
      1. The primary way we are able to justify the effort, is due to the value given the platform and mission of collaboration
      2. Is there a vision to how we will connect with UCITI? 
      3. Does this make sense given UCITI’s Administrative focus?
      4. Does it make sense for the UC Next group to be connected to the  ITLC Collaboration Planning effort?

  4. Feature Updates and plan for Priority gathering
    1. SHARING ideas and Projects – on three levels – is the latest FEATURE developed and it is going to be rolled out in the system soon.  Therefore, both Ideas and Projects will be able to be shared on three levels: 1) On a Campus 2) To the System 3) To the PUBLIC
      1.   This was a highly requested feature – so we are excited to be able to provide this!
      2.   We would like to be able to share this new feature with the ITLC… unclear as to how to do this.
    2. What does the the CTG/UC Next Steering Committee think about the pictures on the homepage?
      1. The DEV team is interested in proposing a version of the home page with images of the 10 campuses
      2.  Charles and Ann both like to see the pictures of the people – humanizing the collaboration nature of UC Next….
        1. The Team will create some mockups for the group to look at at the next meeting.

  5. Discussion of nomination of Joe Sabado for  “Vice Chair” of CTG m/Next for 2016 – 17
    1. Unfortunately, Joe has to decline this nomination.  Any suggestions anyone?

  6. Events Planning – at least one North and one South
    1. Possible Agenda…
    2. ½ day workshop
    3. ½ day Ted Talk


  1. Call to Action for more UC Next Leadership Participation
    1. Facilitation of UC IT Collaboration
      1.  Social Media Leader Volunteer?
      2.  Documentation Leaders Volunteer?
      3.  Co-Project Manager to work with Josh Volunteer?
      4. Accessibility Testing Volunteer?
      5.  Public Relations Writer and Manager
      6. UC Next Event (HOST?) Planning Volunteers?
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