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  • CTG Notes - October 6, 2015
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AGENDA for the UC CTG / Next Steering Committee Meeting (notes in red)

1)       Update on the UC Next Tool  (Rose)

  1. a.        Update from Charles on UC Next  - UC Trust progress  & Shibboleth Integration
  2. b.       Enhancements currently in progress
    1. i.       More intelligent sorting and information on “what is “trending”” using Elastic Search – in progress
    2. ii.      Emails to the creators of the site  - in progress
    3. iii.      Adding an individual “leaderboard” – on deck
    4. iv.      A way to look at a person’s own interaction – Adding a “My Engagement” view – on deck
  1. UC Berkeley - moving over to public email - versus official email (Registrar - concerned about student emails…)
  2. At UC Davis - Jay Bettinger
  3. From CHARLES -
    1. UC Davis and LBL are now working
    2. Irvine, and Riverside - UCSF - haven’t gotten back to us yet
    3. UCSB -  
    4. UC Merced and UC Berkeley working on it
    5. CM to follow up with UCOP, Hastings and A and R

2)       Update from a “UC Next – Phase 2 meeting” with Tom Andriola 9/25 (Rose/Gabe/Charles)

  1. a.        Plan to increase awareness on the campuses – campus liasons via CTG/Next Steering committee
  2. b.       We discussed about connecting UC Next to the Sautter award more formally
  3. c.        We discussed having some additional “gamification Strategies”
    1. i.       Individual Leader Boards and prizes
    2. ii.      More “developer” networking opportunities
      1. d.       We discussed using UC Next as a Professional Development opportunity
      2. e.        We discussed Goals of the Site
        1. i.       200 Users in year one
        2. (note - we are currently at 115 users today!)
          1. ii.      2 or 3 significant projects/collaborations to come out of it
          2. We need to create a marketing plan -
          3. Some Training, some “sugary” prizes - tablets etc…, some team building - hackathons, UCCSC registrations,  innovation workshop - 2 topics - Collaboration & Lean enterprise,

3)       Update on requesting a spot on the ITLC meeting on October 22nd and 23rd?

4)       Presentation at EDUCAUSE – Rose and Charles – who else is going to be there?

  1. Jon Hays will be at Educause - Great!  come to our session if you can!  I will send you info on the UC wide dinner gathering!

5)       Link to UC Next Notes:


  1. Actions:

  2. Rose to draft Charge and review over email - this is in progress
  1. Rose to update CTG site on UCLA Spaces - Confluence - working on this
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