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  • CTG Meeting Notes- September 22, 2015
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Rose, Charles, Gabe, Joe, Andreas, Alex, Ann



  • Intros

  • Need co-chair for CTG

  • Tom Andriola is very excited about UC Next - wants to support awareness

  • Guiding Principles

    • Question traditional silos

    • Prefer acting over debating

    • Bring a culture of innovation to the UC

    • Connect groups across UC

  • Rose to update CTG site on UCLA Spaces - Confluence

  • ACTION: Good to read these notes

  • Re-scope Charge

    • Rose to draft something and review over email

  • Present to ITLC in October?

    • Rose to Contact Yvonne and/or Tom

    • October ITLC to discuss cyber security

  • NEXT Features

    • Dashboards

      • for ITLC Review

    • Weekly summary email (opt-in)

      • New Ideas, Groups

      • Upcoming Events

  • ISSUE: UCTrust Login


    • Charles coordinating with Dev team

    • UCB registrar rejected effort because NRI students’ email would be displayed

      • Should we leave it up to each campus?

      • Most folks want broader ability for folks to login, but we need to make sure FERPA flagged students are blocked

  • Plans for next phase

    • use of elasticsearch for popular info (top 5 ideas, projects)

    • email notifications

  • Input

    • Gabe: what do we do with info on site?  Can people easily get involved?  Do they work on NEXT?  What is lifecycle? Add short copy to explain

    • Joe: what’s our goal for one year?

    • Charles:  Measure ideas that turn into projects and also rate of ideation (more bad ideas = better)

    • Joe: How do we get 100% engagement in UC NEXT?

    • Alex: For active projects that are in github, pull in github metrics/activity

    • Ann: NEXT is fabulous professional development opportunity

  • Resources

    • Tom gave some money to jumpstart NEXT - will last through January

    • We’ll need more support

  • Input

    • Alex: Private Repo for UC - put in NEXT as idae

    • Joe: Messaging from CIOs to encourage use

    • Gabe: Agree w/ Joe; need to repeat 1000x

    • Rose: How do we feature anecdotal positive experience with NEXT

    • Charles: Weekly opt-in: new ideas, new events, positive experience, etc

    • Gabe: How do we continue to get people to the site?

    • Joe: How to reward engaged folks?

      • Monthly prizes


  • Rose to update CTG site on UCLA Spaces - Confluence

  • Good to read these notes - All

  • Rose to draft Charge and review over email

  • Rose to Contact Yvonne and/or Tom re: ITLC @ UCB in Oct - DONE !

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