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  • CTG Meeting 2012-11-30
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Nov. 30, 2012 - CTG Meeting Agenda & Notes


Please edit information on the page. Or send to Caryn or Bill.
Membership list to be sent out. Please make sure email on the list.

Open Wiki to all?

  • Yes
  • Open to no password.
  • Some pages will need to be restricted.
  • Add templates with Draft, Confidential, not for UC consumption, etc.

Meeting notes from coordination meeting with Andrew Wissmiller

Video Subcommittee Discussion

  • Dan Azarcon has volunteered to pick up from Tom as chair of the video subcommittee.
  • Emily Deere will meet with Dan to help handoff from last year. Also, Emily has been doing work on online video and distance learning including implications of video. She will share information with Dan for the group.
  • Transitioning Tom’s position to Charles on Mobile?

ServiceNow Subcommittee

  • Charles only one involved
  • Too narrow for group - and not ideal that it focuses on a single vendor product, not a collaboration domain. Collaboration subgroup would ideallybe one that supports service management and associated tools like CRM, Ticketing, KB/FAQ etc.
  • Proposed that we shift to focus on service desk or helpdesk-specific collaboration technologies, mission to help UC campuses and UCOP with FAQ/KB/CRM/Ticketing type tools including Salesforce, ServiceNow and others
  • Bill will seek to raise with Andrew and get ITLC guidance - they can source this from our group or charter a more specific ITSM group
  • Perhaps tie-ins with projects & lessons learned such as Salesforce implementation at UCLA & UCSF.

Email Pivot to App Suite discussion

We discussed the proposed pivot of email RFP subcommittee to work on Collaboration suites (Google Apps, O365) and campus information share for these.

  • CTG will seek a new lead for Nguyens position on CTG
  • Looking at suites
  • Video and email separate? Yes.
  • Nguyen will help us transition but we are going to look for a new chair (nominations sought from CTG)
  • Discussion noted that video and social media play into the collab suites as well. Hangouts are one example that overlap between Video and App suites
  • Questions about federation as an enabling layer for all collaborative technologies came up - for example is Google using SAML2 for cross-institution?
  • Bill will check with the UCB Google team for the status of SAML2
  • (NOTE: hangouts are not approved for use by UC campuses at this time due to indemnity issues in Google T&C's. - this raises another area for the group

Rose Proposal

We discussed Rose's idea to use CTG on a mission-focused idea around course credit between UC campuses for online learning. There was robust discussion in the group as we considered her one page proposal (the "Power of 10"). Main points are:

  • Power of 10 not being leveraged. Can’t take classes across campus.
  • Arlene Allen noted the work of UCOE, and shared their document with the list (attached here)
  • Rose will review existing UC efforts and revise draft, which we will then discuss at CTG next time, prior to bringing forward to the ITLC


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