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  • CTG Meeting - November 3, 2015
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Cloud based video conference:


Notes:  Present:  Rose, Charles, Josh, Alex, Gabe. Ann

  • Feedback from the ITLC presentation

    • Generally positive, interested to see how we can “measure” the impact

    • Tom’s focus was on getting awareness out there - wanted us to come up with a marketing plan

    • One thing was mentioned, that once Shibboleth was integrated properly, we hoped that each ITLC representative would email their campus about UC Next and encourage use of it and collaboration across the system in general

  •             i.      500 participants

  •            ii.      “Results” from the Ideation - > to Project - > to Shared Service?

  • Intelligent algorimithic "Search" for what is fresh and trending up in popularity

  • Election of the CTG Vice Chair
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