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  • CTG Meeting - November 17th, 2015
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present:  Rose, Josh, Alex, Charles, Joe

Discussion - Local collaboration as a goal?  How does a campus leverage Next for more local goals? - It has come up at UCLA and UCSC… as well as at the Health Center

  • Tagging or Skinning

  • Proposal  - for Projects, Groups and Ideas to be available for

    • Public

    • System (default), and

    • Local

  • Feature: Alert when ideas/project match other ideas (regardless of local or system idea/project)

  1. Update on UC Next Shibboleth status:  - Charles McIntyre

    1. All wired up except

    2. UCI: Having trouble with integration

    3. UCR: Delayed until January

    4. UCOP: Request is in; Haven’t heard update

    5. Medical Centers

  2. Go over New Charge edits and suggestions:

  3. Vote to approve New Charge

    1. Rose to send out an email vote to approve

  4. Nominations for the “Vice Chair” of CTG for 2016 - 17

  5. UCLA UC Next Presentation to Bruin Tech

    1. Rose to post deck

  6. Feature Updates and plan for Priority gathering

  7. Call to Action for more UC Next Leadership Participation

    1. Social Media Leader Volunteer? - Ask Joe - for suggestions

    2. Documentation Leaders Volunteer?

    3.  Co-Project Manager to work with Josh Volunteer?

    4. Accessibility Testing Volunteer?  Berkeley volunteer

    5. Public Relations Writer and Manager?  Possible UCSD candidate

UC Next Event (HOST?) Planning Volunteers?  Possible UCSD to explore expanding existing event...

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