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  • CTG Meeting - Jan 12, 2016
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Present:  Rose, Josh, Charles, Alex ( Jeff Martin on vacation )

AGENDA for 1/12/16: - Notes in COLORS

 Discussion - UCCSC - announced for mid July 2016 - no website yet though

1.     Significant UC Next Release just before break – Josh to go over new features/fixes

a.     Release notes are here:

2.     Update on UC Next Shibboleth status  (Shibboleth status) - Charles McIntryre

3.     Update on CHEF re-work – Shibb Auth Bridge– Josh Selsky

Discussion - how do we get the word out?

Social media - Rose did some work with Twitter over the break - would be good to get someone to regularly look at the ideas and projects on the site - and then tweet about them... One thing to note is that information should probably be "publicly available" if its on twitter.... - There is NOW a twitter feed on the homepage of NEXT

4.     Feedback from UCSD - from a Communications person:

Thinking is that we should do a few more things to make the purpose of the site "known" or more consumable on the HOME PAGE:

1) USe a hero Story on the homepage

2) Make sure that the CALL to ACTION is Clear on the homepages and elsewhere...

Add some text that says things like:  "Pitch your great idea" , "Add your Event" or "Get Involved"

3) Consider use of small photos on the homepage

 AREAS of the site that need more explanation:

1)  The GROUPS Page needs an intro  - too much ambiguity

2) The People page needs an intro

DEV PRIORITY - concept of WORKFLOW - or outcome

1) How do we show the Ideas that become Projects - that become OPERATIONS...

5.     Events Planning

a.   UCCSC – is early this year – July 10th – 12th at UC Santa Cruz

b.     at least one North and one South

    1. South Sponsor – ???  UCLA or UCI
    2. North Sponsor - ?

 Agenda - FOR the EVENTs...

1.     ½ day workshop

2.     ½ day Ted Talk

 6.     Go over New Charge edits and suggestions:

 7.     Feature Updates and plan for Priority gathering

 8.     Call to Action for more UC Next Leadership Participation

a.     Social Media Leader Volunteer?

b.     Documentation Leaders Volunteer?

c.     Co-Project Manager to work with Josh Volunteer?

d.     Accessibility Testing Volunteer?

e.     Public Relations Writer and Manager?

f.      UC Next Event (HOST?) Planning Volunteers?  - WOULD BE GREAT to get a TEAM to do this....

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