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  • CTG Meeting - December 15th, 2015
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AGENDA & Notes for 12/15/15:

present:  Rose, Josh, Charles, Jeff


1.       Update on campuses coming up to speed with Shibbolth - Charles McIntryre

2.       UC IT program update – ways to add communication channels to UC Next - Gabe


    How do we put together a progam on Leadership Collaboration and Innovation? - Who can we get to be campus hosts - how to we replicate for STAFF something that Joe Sabado brogught up called the “GRAD SLAM”?

  • Action item - Rose to work on a proposal for the event… - Timeframe should be MARCH or 2016….


a.       Slack - possibly someone from UMBC to work on this

3.       Our UC Next Staging Machine is up:

4.       Development Update:  Feature Updates and plan next release – Josh Selsky

Discussion:  What are the DEV Priorities of the CTG?

    Several campuses want to know can they share ideas to just their campuses - instead of only at the UC level?  We hadn’t built this in yet, but we were planning on adding the f(x) to share either publically top the world  or privately to the UC, so perhaps this is the time to also add a level to share to “just my campus”....


** One thing to note - the ideas and counts are going to be complicated by projects that are shared only to a campus


5.       UC Next Leadership Participation


a.       Social Media Leader Volunteer? – UCSD has a person interested!

b.      Public Relations Writer and Manager? I think that the UCSD person may be able to take this on as well

( We Still need help with: )

b.    Documentation Leaders Volunteer?

c.    Co-Project Manager to work with Josh?

d.    Accessibility Testing Volunteer?  We had a volunteer from UC Berkeley

f.     UC Next Event (HOST?) Planning Volunteers?

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