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Java Novice Group

Founded in 2009. A voluntary group of mainframe based technologist who want to learn to design and program Web Applications.

All are invited to Join.


Exciting things we are doing. 



Meetings are held every Thursday at 3 pm at the

ITS Bridge Conference room (x5-8133)

2011.03.31 - Meeting Notes

Meeting Archives


Edith Celestine


Tony Merriweather

Kamran Khairzad

Mark Mendelson

Alice Tseng-Planas

Active Members

Nomik Baboomian

Sreedhar Bandlamudi

John Cramer

Marlo Logatoc

Edgar Pacho

Santhana Srinivasan

Hector Tarin

Bill Tsoi

Honorary Members

Lynn Hong

Nancy Mcgillvray

Meena Muthaiya

Jey Ramakrishman

Jack Woon




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