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On August 30, 2015, the IAMUCLA team will be changing the look and feel of the UCLA Logon page. The new UCLA Logon page is currently on Shibboleth QA, and we encourage you to connect your applications to QA to test and provide feedback if you have not already done so. In the upcoming weeks, we will be rolling out the last feature sets and perform stress/load testing to prepare for the August 30th implementation.

What Do You Need to Do?


The IAMUCLA team will be sending out communications notices to the IAMUCLA, BruinTech, Help Desk, and CSG mailing lists. We will be posting messages on sites like BOL and MyUCLA, and will also be putting a notice on the current UCLA Logon page. Please help spread the word and let your users know that this change will be occurring.

Application Changes?

None. This change will be transparent and will require no changes on the application end. On August 30th, the IAMUCLA team will make the switch and all applications/users will be using the new UCLA Logon page.

More Information

For more information, please go to "The UCLA Logon Page Is Changing."

Technical Details

If you are interested in learning more about the technical changes with the UCLA Logon page, please visit The New UCLA Logon Page - Technical Changes

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