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The Enterprise Directory defines uclaStudentMailingPhone as a student's mailing phone number shown on the UCLA Online Directory when applicable privacy rule permits.

Data Flow

The Enterprise Directory retrieves SS_PHONE_NUMBER where ADDR_TYPE_CODE = 'M' and the current date is between ADDR_EFF_DATE and ADDR_EXPR_DATE in SI0_ADDR from Student Record System (SRS) via Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) on a daily basis. This attribute is then updated with this information.

Source System

SRS system managed by the Registrar's Office.

Access Permission

Contact data owner UCLA Registrar's Office.


This is the usage of this attribute in the attribute-map.xml file. For more information about Mapping the attribute please visit Shibboleth wiki.

<Attribute name="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113898." id="SHIBUCLASTUDENTMAILINGPHONE"/>