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The Enterprise Directory defines uclaSharedEmailPrivacyOption as a person's preference for the release of uclaSharedSystemEmail address. Possible options are the following combinations:

  • internal; external; print: release to both internal and external campus directory as well as a print directory
  • internal; external: release to both internal and external campus directory but not the print directory
  • internal: release to an internal directory only
  • (no value in this attribute): do not release

Data Flow

This attribute is by default set to either internal/external or nothing during the initial load of uclaSharedSystemEmail from Shared Component in UID system to the Enterprise Directory, based on the email privacy release preference as recorded in the Shared Component by the following logic:

  • Release - internal; external
  • Do Not Release - (no value)

The value can be changed based on user's selection after the initial load. If uclaShareSystemEmail is the uclaOfficialEmail, updates in this attribute is either pushed up to or being pushed down from uclaOfficialEmailPrivacyOption. The attribute is updated in real time manner.

Source System

Shared Component is managed by Financial Aid and Shared Systems, Student Applications, IT Services.

Access Permission

Contact data owner Registrar's Office.