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mail (or uclaOfficialEmail)

mail attribute refers to person's email in the campus. eduPerson standard name for this attribute is urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:mail. mail and uclaOfficialEmail mean the same thing in the context of Shibboleth in UCLA.


The Enterprise Directory defines uclaOfficialEmail as a person's campus email address where official university business communication is to be delivered electronically. This also the email shown on the UCLA Online Directory when applicable privacy rule permits.

Data Flow

This uclaOfficialEmail is a placeholder for the one email address selected from a collection of different types of emails stored in the Enterprise Directory. The value in uclaOfficialEmail has to be pushed up from one of the following email attributes:

based on individual's selection and/or system selection made in compliance with related University policies. The Enterprise Directory has built in the following logic to ensure as much as possible that uclaOfficalEmail contains a value:

  • If uclaOfficialEmail has never had a value, the first email address that Enterprise Directory receives in any of the email attibutes listed above is pushed to uclaOffialEmail by default.
  • If the person is an employee but not a student at the same time, the value in uclaWorkEmail is forced to uclaOfficialEmail if there is a value.
  • Once a link is established between uclaOfficialEmail and a specific type of email attribute, update of the seeding email attribute triggers the same update of uclaOfficialEmail.
  • If a value in uclaOfficialEmail is removed because of the removal of the value in the seeding email attribute, the next availabe email address in one of the email attributes listed above becomes the new default value in uclaOfficialEmail. The uclaOfficialEmail will be left blank without a new default value if there are more than one email addresses available in the email attributes listed above.

The attribute is updated in real time manner.

Source System

UCLA Enterprise Directory managed by Information Management Systems, IT Services

Access Permission

For students, contact data owner UCLA Registrar's Office.
For employees, contact IAMUCLA.
For ASUCLA employees, contact ASUCLA Payroll system
For others, contact managing unit Information Management Systems, IT Services


This is the usage of this attribute in the attribute-map.xml file. For more information about Mapping the attribute please visit Shibboleth wiki.

<Attribute name="urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3" id="SHIBMAIL"/>