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The Enterprise Directory defines uclaEmployeeCampusPhone as an employee's campus/office phone number. This is the phone number shown on the UCLA Online Directory when applicable privacy rule permits.

Data Flow

This attribute is populated with CAMPUS_PHONE1 in PP0CMP in Payroll Personnel System (PPS) by default on a daily basis. The UCLA Campus Directory Update Services (ODMP) can overwrite this attribute in real time manner. If there is a change in CAMPUS_PHONE1, the latest change can again overwrite the attribute via daily update.  

Source System

PPS system managed by Payroll/Personnel, Business Applications, IT Services.
ODMP managed by Directory Services, Planning Services, IT Services.

Access Permission

Contact data owner UCLA payroll Office and/or Directory Services, Planning Services, IT Services.


This is the usage of this attribute in the attribute-map.xml file. For more information about Mapping the attribute please visit Shibboleth wiki.

 <Attribute name="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113898." id="SHIBUCLAEMPLOYEECAMPUSPHONE"/>

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