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eduPersonScopedAffiliation specifies the person's affiliation within a particular security domain in broad categories such as student, faculty, staff, alum, etc. The values consist of a left and right component separated by an "@" sign. The left component is one of the values from the eduPersonAffiliation controlled vocabulary.This right-hand side syntax of eduPersonScopedAffiliation intentionally matches that used for the right-hand side values for eduPersonPrincipalName since both identify a security domain.

Permissible values

eduPersonScopedAffiliation is a multi-valued string attribute. The UCLA identity provider asserts the following possible values within this attribute:


eduPersonScopedAffiliation is a calculated attribute based on data in the Enterprise Directory.

to do: explain data calculation logic.

Release Policy

UCLA does not by default release this attribute to service providers. Each service provider is required to submit a request for data access and is subject to data privacy review from campus data stewards.

For additional information, please contact Albert Wu

See Also

The Official eduPerson Object Class Definition


This is the usage of this attribute in the AAP.xml file. For more information about AAP configuration please visit AAP Configuration.

        <AttributeRule Name="urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:eduPersonScopedAffiliation" Scoped="true" CaseSensitive="false" Header="SHIBEPAFFILIATION" Alias="affiliation">
                <!-- Filtering rule to limit values to eduPerson-defined enumeration. -->

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