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This page is being updated and refined - the information on it is not yet considered to be "official". Thanks for your understanding!

UCTrustAssurance defines the UCTrust assurance associated with a particular SAML-2 assertion. Specifically, it defines the the level of identity proofing performed in establishing the individual's electronic identity.

Permissible Values

UCTrustAssurance is a multi-valued string attribute. There are currently 2 permission values:


UCTrustAssurance is derived from data within the Enterprise Directory.

to do: explain derivation logic.

Release Policy

This attribute is by default released to all active members of UCTrust. Release approval is required for other parties, including UCLA applications.

See Also

UCTrust: Common Identity Attributes


This is the usage of this attribute in the AAP.xml file. For more information about AAP configuration please visit AAP Configuration.

        <AttributeRule Name="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113916.1.1.5" CaseSensitive="false" Header="SHIBUCTRUSTASSURANCE" Alias="UCTrustAssurance">

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