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Transition to UCLA Logon ID - Frequently Asked Questions

About UCLA Logon ID

Transitioning to UCLA Logon ID (from OASIS/QDB ID)

Q. What is a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID is your campus online identifier. Many UCLA online services already will authenticate you by using your UCLA Logon ID. UCLA is in the process of migrating all key campus web applications to use UCLA Logon ID.


Q. Why is UCLA creating yet another logon ID?

Actually, UCLA is working to reduce the number of logon ID's you need to remember.

First, the UCLA Logon ID isn't new. It used to be called the Bruin Online ID. We are adopting it as the UCLA's Logon ID. Renaming it to the UCLA Logon ID distinguishes it from Bruin Online services. It also highlights the notion that UCLA Logon ID is the logon ID for UCLA.

The transition will take time. We are currently migrating web applications to authenticate users using the UCLA Logon ID. Over the next several months, campus web applications will be announcing their particular migration schedule. The key thing to remember is that web applications will be using the UCLA Logon ID. If you don't have one, it's time to get one.


Q. How do I know if I have a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID was previously called the Bruin OnLine ID, BOLid, or BOL username. If you have a Bruin OnLine ID, you already have a UCLA Logon ID.
If you are not sure, you can look up your logon ID using the Look Up service at Instructions for looking up your UCLA Logon ID can be found at:


Q. How do I get a UCLA Logon ID?

You can register for a UCLA Logon ID at Instructions for Creating a UCLA Logon ID can be found at:


Q. Where can I get UCLA Logon ID related help?

Details about the UCLA Logon ID can be found at:

You can also find the latest help desk contact information and hours at:


Q. Where can I use my UCLA Logon ID?

You can already use your UCLA Logon ID to sign in to BOL Services (mail, vpn, software download, etc), the campus wi-fi network, and over 300 campus web applications*.

* You also need to have proper authorization in order to access restricted services.

Starting in July 2009, all of the *web applications** that currently require OASIS Logon ID or QDB Logon ID will also be migrating to use UCLA Logon ID as well.

** BruinBuy will continue to use OASIS Logon ID.


Q. Will I still need to have an OASIS Logon ID?

You will need to know your OASIS Logon ID if:

  • You need to log on to the mainframe via the standard (non-web-based) mainframe applications (also know as "Green Screens").
  • You need to log into BruinBuy


Q. Will I still need to have a QDB Logon ID?

Yes. You will still need a QDB logon id to determine what you are authorized to view in QDB. You will use your UCLA ID to sign into web applications that use the QDB or Campus Data Warehouse (CDW), but your QDB logon controls the access to data.


Q. When will the transition from OASIS/QDB Logon ID to UCLA Logon ID occur?

Web applications that currently require OASIS or QDB Logon ID will start to migrate to use UCLA Logon ID starting in July 2009. The migration is expected to complete by December 2009.

As each application migrates, we will send out specific announcements.


Q. What do I need to do to prepare for the migration from signing into my favorite web application using OASIS/QDB Logon ID to UCLA Logon ID?

Step 1: Make sure you have a UCLA Logon ID.
Step 2: Keep an eye out for announcements from your application regarding the migration date.
Step 3: Start using your UCLA Logon ID to log in on the migration date.


Q. Which administrative application will require a UCLA Logon ID?
By January 2010, the following AIS applications will require a UCLA Logon ID:

Financial Applications

  • Departmental Deposit Form System (DDF)
  • Chancellorial Commitment System
  • Bruin Buy Web Reports
  • UCLA Online Financial System
  • UCLA Non-Payroll Expenditure Adjustment (Non-PEAR)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Encumbrance
  • Financial Journal
  • Memo Lien
  • Recharge
  • Recharge Order
  • Transfer of Funds (TOF)
  • FS Reports
  • Consolidated Gift Fund Reports
  • Pcard*
  • UCLA Express**

Payroll Applications

  • Effort Reporting System (ERS)***
  • Staffing Report (Open Provision)
  • UCLA Payroll Reports
  • UPay Forms
  • Web Garnishment
  • Web Merit

Student Applications

  • Student Legal Service Case Tracking
  • URSA
  • URSA for Staff

Campus Data Warehouse

  • QDB Web Site
  • QDB Admin Tool
  • Cognos ReportNet
  • DACSS QDB Reports

Security, Audit, and Access

  • Post Audit Notifications (PAN)
  • AIS Mainframe System Access Request (SAR)


  • Document Direct
  • RNET
  • Application Service Request
  • OASIS Password Management Utility
  • JIRA

*The Pcard application currently requires a UCLA Logon ID.
**UCLA Travel Express will migrate to UCLA Logon ID on December 7, 2009. After that date, you will need to use your UCLA Logon ID to logon.
***ERS will be federated on December 13, 2009. Once ERS is federated, users will need to sign into the application using their campus identifier. For example, UC Merced employees will sign in to ERS usig their UC Merced logon ID; UCOP employees will use their UCOP logon ID and UCLA employees will use their UCLA Logon ID.


Q. Will I need a UCLA Logon ID if I am a UC Merced or a UCOP employee?
Yes, until the web applications become federated with UC Trust, you will need a UCLA Logon ID to access these systems.


Q. If I am an IT Support Staff, where can I get more information??

UCLA IT Support Staff can find more information at:

That's all there is to it.