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Transitioning from OASIS Logon ID to UCLA Logon ID

What is a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID is your online identifier. It is used for authentication to most online services on campus and is the first step in the campus-wide initiative to migrate all applications to a "single sign-on" system. The UCLA Logon ID was previously called Bruin OnLine ID, BOLid or BOL username.

Which administrative application will require a UCLA Logon ID?

By January 2010, the following AIS applications will require a UCLA Logon ID:

Financial Applications

  • Departmental Deposit Form System (DDF)
  • Chancellorial Commitment System
  • Bruin Buy Web Reports
  • UCLA Online Financial System
  • UCLA Non-Payroll Expenditure Adjustment (Non-PEAR)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Encumbrance
  • Financial Journal
  • Memo Lien
  • Recharge
  • Recharge Order
  • Transfer of Funds (TOF)
  • FS Reports
  • Consolidated Gift Fund Reports

Payroll Applications

  • Effort Reporting System (ERS)
  • Staffing Report (Open Provision)
  • UCLA Payroll Reports
  • UPay Forms
  • Web Garnishment
  • Web Merit

Student Applications

  • Student Legal Service Case Tracking
  • URSA
  • URSA for Staff

Campus Data Warehouse

  • QDB Web Site
  • QDB Admin Tool
  • Cognos ReportNet
  • DACSS QDB Reports

Security, Audit, and Access

  • Post Audit Notifications (PAN)
  • AIS Mainframe System Access Request (SAR)


  • Document Direct
  • RNET
  • Application Service Request
  • OASIS Password Management Utility
  • JIRA

Will users still need an OASIS Login Id?

Although OASIS Logon ID will no longer be valid for logging into the web applications, it is still required for providing users specific access via DACSS. Note: Your user will need to know his/her OASIS or QDB Logon ID if:

  1. the user needs to log on to the mainframe via the standard, non web-based, mainframe applications (also known as "Green Screens").
  2. the user need to log into BruinBuy.

Will users still need a QDB Logon ID?

Yes. Users will still need a QDB logon ID to determine what they are authorized to view in QDB. Your user's will use their UCLA ID to sign into web applications that uses the QDB or Campus Data Warehouse (CDW), but their QDB logon controls the access to data.

How do users know if they have a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID was previously called the Bruin OnLine ID, BOLid or BOL username. If your users have a Bruin OnLine ID, they already have a UCLA Logon ID. If your users are not sure, they can look up their logon ID using the Look Up service at

How do users get a UCLA Logon ID?

Users can create a new UCLA Logon ID, by visiting Users will need the following information:

  • Users last name
  • Users date of birth
  • Users 9-digit University ID number (for students, it will be their applicant/student ID number; for staff and faculty, it will be their 9-digit employee number, which can be found on their paystub).

Note: If your users DO NOT have a 9-digit UCLA ID number, have them select the option "I do not have a UCLA Identification Number".

For additional information on getting a UCLA Logon ID, visit:

How soon can users start using their UCLA Logon ID?

When a user creates a UCLA Logon ID, that ID is immediately usable in some applications. However, for applications using DACSS for access control, whether the user can use his/her UCLA Logon ID with that application depends entirely on whether the DSA has previously granted access. If not, it may take some time (depending on which application it is, and when the access is granted).

How do users change or reset their UCLA Logon ID password?

Users can change and/or reset their password at: If they are unable to reset their password using the password reset tool, please have them contact the Bruin OnLine Help Desk at (310) 267-HELP(4357), Option 2

Can users change their UCLA Logon ID?

No. UCLA Logon ID's are permanent.

Where can users get UCLA Logon ID related help?

Further information on UCLA Logon ID can be found at: