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Previewing the New UCLA Logon Sign-In Page

Beginning January 31, 2010, you will see a new sign-in page before accessing UCLA web applications and services. The only change you will notice is the page's new look and feel. Your valid UCLA Logon ID and password will function exactly as it did before. If you don't have a UCLA Logon ID, please click here to obtain one.

What you need to do

Nothing. Just be prepared to see the new page beginning January 31, and sign-in using your UCLA Logon ID. That's it.

The new look

The Old Sign-In Page

The New Sign-In Page

Previously, the sign-in area was right-aligned and featured multiple areas of related text.

As you'll notice, the new sign-in page boasts a more simplified appearance. The sign-in area is centered and the prominent university logo makes it clear that you're entering one of UCLA's secure online applications. This uniform look will be seen before entering hundreds of UCLA applications, access to the campus wireless network, email and VPN services.