Amount of Time it Takes to Integrate With Shibboleth

There are many factors that delay the time to fully integrate with Shibboleth. The following will detail some of these factors. We expect a minimum of 1 month from your initial request to an operational shibolized application.

Shibboleth Configuration/Installation

Installation and configuration of Shibboleth might take some time.


AIS Identity Provider (IdP) is a member of the testshib federation. Testshib offers free credentials that can be used for testing. Register for an account and then register your Service Provider (sp). Once that is done, you can then copy the crt and key onto your server.

Receiving Data

Depending on what data your application needs, this process might be a lengthy one. Please read Available ED Attributes for more details on data.

Configuring Shibboleth

There are a few files that need to be configured when the installation of Shibboleth is complete. In the Shibboleth install directory there are two files that must be configured. They are the AAP.xml (Attribute Acceptance Policy) and shibboleth.xml. A 3rd might need some configuration as well and this is your Apache configuration or IIS configuration file.

Final Thoughts

When integrating with Shibboleth it is best to consider these factors and other factors that might be associated to launching an application into production. These factors might delay launch if they are not taken into consideration during the start of your development phase. Please keep this is mind.

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