Shibboleth Service Provider Planning Guide

Who Should Read: This document is written for technical staff looking to integrate their application with Shibboleth SP 1.3 or above.

Getting Started

In the Planning Guide we walk you through the planning stages of Shibboleth SP integration. If this is your first Shibboleth SP setup, please take some time and read through the Planning Guide. It will give you an idea of what it takes to integrate your application with Shibboleth.

Key Planning Steps



1. Analyze your application

This is a self-assessment guide to measure your readiness

2. Determine your data requirements

Determine all the attributes (data) your application needs and submit request(s)

3. Register your application with IAMUCLA

Contact the IAMUCLA team so they can schedule your migration

4. Join the Shibboleth support community

Join the Shibboleth mailing list

5. Install the software

After you complete the above steps, move on to the next guide - Install and Configure Shibboleth SP

Ready to start? Let's analyze your application.

Planning Guide Topics

0. Get Started
1. Analyze your Application
2. Determine your Data Requirements
3. Register Your Application with IAMUCLA ShibPlanning-Registration
4. Join Shibboleth Support Community
5. Install and Configure Shibboleth

Next Major Steps

Installation Guide
Configuration Guide

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  1. everything this page down should be deprecated. the new SP 2.x docs should be moved into place.