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Install Shibboleth Service Provider (v2.0 and above)

Who Should Read: This document is written for technical staff looking to integrate their application with Shibboleth SP 1.3 or above.

A little planning goes a long way...

If you are installing the Shibboleth SP software for use with UCLA's Web Single Sign-on environment, please read Shibboleth SP Planning Guide first. It contains important tips and check lists designed to help your migration as painless as possible.

Downloading and Installing the SP Software

Internet2 is the developer of Shibboleth SP software, providing the software for a variety of environments. To find the software and installation instructions for your specific platform, visit Internet2 Shibboleth 2 SP Installation Guide.

Finding Additional Installation Help

The IAMUCLA team offers regularly scheduled installation tutorial sessions for popular platforms. Consult the tutorial session page for session schedules.

In addition, we encourage everyone installing the Shibboleth software to join Internet2's Shibboleth User Discussion List. The shib-user list is the primary technical support resource for Shibboleth.

Configuring Your SP Software

UCLA's Shib SP 2.1 Configuration Guide
Internet2's Shibboleth SP 2.1 Configuration documentation.