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IAMUCLA">Shib Planning: Registering Your Application with IAMUCLA

Who Should Read: This document is written for technical staff looking to integrate their application with Shibboleth SP 1.3 or above.

Contact the IAMUCLA team before you start installation/configuration. IAMUCLA requires a bit of lead time to better prepare to handle your request and schedule the migration/integration depending on your priority and their workload.

Please email us with the following information:

Contact Info

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Contact Information Needed

Description of the Information

Campus Unit

Unit Responsible for operating the application

Administrative Contact Name

Name of over-arching authority regarding this operation

Administrative Contact Email

Email of over-arching authority regarding this operation

Technical Contact Name (can be more than 1)

Name of person making technical changes to the application

Technical Contact Email (can be more than 1)

Email of person making technical changes to the application

Help Desk Contact Name

Name of your help desk

Help Desk Contact Email

Email of your help desk

Campus Unit
A campus unit is responsible for operating the application & home website if available.

Administrative Contact
An administrative contact is the person who has the over managing responsibility for the application your are requesting data for. Please include the person's name, email address, and office phone number.

Technical contact
A technical contact is the person or group responsible for the technical aspect of the application. Please include the person's name, email address, and office phone number.

Help desk contact
The Help desk contact is the contact your end users will call when they run into problems. Please include the email address and phone number.

Application Info

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Application Information Needed

Description of Information

Name of Application?

The name of your application you will be setting up Shibboleth with

Description/Purpose of Application?

Describe the purpose of your application

Who are your users?

Students, Faculty, both?

Approximate number of users?

Number of users for your application

What attributes do you need?

What attributes about your user does your application need

How will these attributes be used?

Depending on how you use the attributes, other restrictions may apply

Will you be storing the data

Storing data has risks you should be aware about

What is your storage environment and how will it be protected

Database, files, encryption and etc

Name of application
This allows IAMUCLA to keep track of what applications are hitting our IdP

Describe your application
Describe your application and the purpose of it. This allows everyone involved during the Shibboleth process to understand what your application does

Describe your user base
Who are your users, how many? Whats the daily transaction volume approximately? What population of data you need (Students, Faculty or both)? The analyze your application guide provides why these questions are important

What attributes(data) do you need?
List ALL the data your application needs and mention which attribute will be used as unique identifier. For considerations that may influence your decision visit Determine your Data Requirements.

How will you use this data?
The data stewards need to know why you need this data.

Will you be storing the data?
If the answer is yes please also describe your storage environment and how it will be protected.

If available,
1. What version SP you are using.
2. Your entityID/providerID
3. Your certificates
For technical integration.

Moving On

You are well on your way to integrate Shibboleth with your application. Wait! Did you know that there is a thriving Shibboleth online support community out there? That is the best place to find help with Shibboleth issues that we can't immediately answer. Join the Shibboleth support community.

Planning Guide Topics

0. Get Started with Shibboleth
1. Analyze your Application
2. Determine Data Requirements
3. Register Your Application with IAMUCLA
4. Join the Shibboleth Support Community
5. Install and Configure Shibboleth

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