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Frequently Asked Questions for UCLA Web Single Sign-On.

General Questions

I thought I was logging into application X. What is this "UCLA Web Single Sign-On"?

The UCLA Web Single Sign-On is UCLA's standard web authentication and single sign-on service. You have been redirected here because the application you are visiting uses this service to authenticate users.

UCLA Web Single Sign-On provides a common user interface for user authentication. It also enables single sign-on among participating applications. There are currently over 200 web applications across the UCLA campus using this service. In addition we are rolling out expanded functionality to allow for collaboration between the UC and national universities.

What is a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID is a campus wide digital identifier formerly known as the Bruin Online ID. You can create, modify, or edit an account directly at

Federated Questions

I'm affialiated with another institution, how do I get back to its login page instead of UCLAs?

You will need to restart your browser - furthermore if you seleted "this week" instead of "this session" at the WAYF (where are you from page) you will need to clear out your browser cookies (or else you won't be able to choose your proper institution from the WAYF page).

What Federations is UCLA Web Single Sign-On a part of?

UCLA Web Single Sign-On is a member of the UCTrust and InCommon Federations.

Web Browser Related Questions

What Browsers Are Supported

We have tested against Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2-3, and Opera 8-9 - browsers using the same webkit or gecko engines should also function properly. While we strive to assure an accessible experience, some older browsers may in the future be blacklisted due to unacceptable security flaws within them.

Do I need to enable Javascript?

Yes. UCLA Web Single Sign-On uses Javascript to perform a number of functions. Please enable javascript in your browser when using this authentication service.

Do I need to accept browser cookies?

Yes. UCLA Web Single Sign-On writes temporary cookies to your browser in order to provide single sign-on service. For most browsers, these cookies are never written to disk. They are erased when you close your browser. Please accept browser cookies from in your browser when using this authentication service.