Install and Configure Shibboleth SP 1.3

Who Should Read: This document is written for technical staff looking to integrate their application with Shibboleth SP 1.3.

  • Please note this applies for Shibboleth SP version 1.3 only.
  • If you are migrating an existing ISIS enabled application to Shibboleth, be sure visit the ISIS to Shibboleth Migration page for additional help materials.

This document provides detailed information on how to install and configure a web application to plug into the UCLA single sign-on environment via Shibboleth.

Platform-specific Install Guides for SP v1.3

Configuration options for SP v1.3 (Platform-independent)

Related/Advanced Material for SP 1.3


  1. most every thing on and below this page should be archived. These are SP 1.3 document, and can be pulled at this point.

  2. The link to the shibboleth related articles in the UCLA KB (that you have above) has changed. A valid url for that search appears to be