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What do you want to see at the Winter 2008 IAMUCLA Mini-Conference?

The IAMUCLA Team holds semi-annual conferences to update the campus' IT staff on developments in UCLA's identity management initiatives. For Winter 2008, we are welcoming requests for topics. We are tentatively planning to cover Shibboleth 2.1, Grouper and user-select attribute release functions.

In the past, we have found these events to be a great chance for collaboration between colleagues. Usually, IT teams are extremely busy in their own respective departments and do not have the time to consult those on the outside. This is a chance for us to help each other by offering real life experiences, user cases and new brainstorms.

Tentatively, we are aiming for a 3 hr afternoon at the Faculty Center during the 2nd week of November 2008.

If you have any suggestions or requests for topics you would like us to cover, please email us.

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