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ISIS to Shibboleth Migration Roadmap

UCLA committed to transition from ISIS to a standards-based single sign-on solution with the launch of the EDIMI project (now IAMUCLA IAMUCLA) in 2004. In September 2006, UCLA began operating its Shibboleth Identity Provider in production in parallel with ISIS. The transition is expected to take 3 years with the following roadmap:

Phase 0 - Early Adopter Pilot


January 2007 to December 2007


The goal of the pilot phase is to test various aspects of our Shibboleth installation, including:

  • Benchmark Identity Provider performance to determine server needs;
  • Provide ISIS and Shibboleth interoperability;
  • Design documentation to help applications set up/configure Shibboleth software;
  • Identify attribute release issues;

During pilot, we work with selected campus applications on production level Shibboleth deployment. Groups that have deployed Shibboleth-enabled applications include CCLE, MyEvents, and others.

Campus groups have the option to use either Shibboleth or ISIS when registering new applications.

Phase 1 - Voluntary Migration


January 2008 to December 2008


The Voluntary Migration phase is the official start of the campus-wide migration to Shibboleth. Starting with this phase, all new application registrations will be set up to use Shibboleth.

We are aware that some applications may require additional time to assess the migration impacts and to schedule the migration into their application update life cycle. Migration to Shibboleth for existing ISIS application is optional during this phase. However, we will help any existing ISIS applications who wishes to migrate to make the move.

ISIS and Shibboleth will continue run in parallel during this phase.

Phase 2 - Mandatory Migration


January 2009 to December 2009


During the Mandatory Migration phase, the IAMUCLA team will systematically engage any remaining ISIS enabled application to migrate to Shibboleth. This is the final year of ISIS service. At the end of this period, ISIS 5 service will end. All applications need to have migrated to Shibboleth.