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Internet2 Is Looking For Shibboleth 2.2 Roadmap Feedback

On September 23, 2008. Internet2 released its development roadmap for the next point release of Shibboleth (2.2). The Shibboleth development team is looking for feedback.

If you are working with Shibboleth, please take a look at the roadmap and provide feedback. It's our chance to make your voice heard and contribute to this open source effort.

Original Email from Renee Frost of Internet2

Sent: Tue 9/23/2008 5:17 PM
From: Renee Frost (
Subject: Seeking Feedback on Shibboleth 2.2 Roadmap

The Shibboleth Development team is seeking feedback on their roadmap for
the next release of the Shibboleth software. To review the document,

The first section of the roadmap describes plans for the additions of
specific functionality. The second section describes several areas where
the developers are seeking community input and further requirements
before possibly proceeding.

Please send your comments to the shibboleth-dev AT mailing
list. Directions for subscribing to this list are available at .

The Shibboleth Development Team would like to thank the community for
its contributions, comments, and feedback over the years.

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