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Known Issues with ISIS Admin Tool

This is a document in progress. Please check back often for updates.

Known Issues

This page details known issues currently assoicated with the ISIS Admin Tool

User do not have access to profiles he/she is supposed have access to.

We are aware of a number of users who cannot access their application profiles in the admin tool. If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Xiaoling Zhang at

Adding a New Application

  • It is highly recommended when adding a new application, the users adds ".test" at the end of the application ID if the application profile is a test profile.

Cancel Button

  • It defers user to last page.
  • It defers user to same page.
  • Solution: Navigate to another area of the site.


  • Applications, Users and etc that are added do not show up.
  • Solution: Refresh your browser, Nagivate to another area of the site and nagivate back or clear your cache.

Viewing Users

  • Navigating to the end of the list causes an error
  • Solution:Nagivate through users one page at a time.

User Permissions

  • Granting permissions for mutliple users on different pages only grants users on the current page.
  • Solution: Grant permissions to users that are only on the same page

Changes Do Not Show Up

  • Changes made to an application profile (ie Add/Edit of an application) do not show up on the ISIS site.
    Solution: There is about a 10 minute replication lag. So whenever you have made a change to an application profile in the Admin Tool, there will be a 10 minute delay before the changes take effect

Can not access Admin Tool Site

  • User can not connect to the site
  • Solution: The admin tool is only open to UCLA nets.

Applications Do Not Show Up

  • Applications do not show up when logged in
  • Solution: Click the Application link again and the applications will show up.

IP Address Issue

  • When editing an application please do not remove the ip address ""
  • When adding an application please remember to add the ip address ""

Searching Applications

  • When searching for an application it current gives user no options to edit, view and etc.
  • Solution: FIXED

IP Addresses

  • IP addresses are not working/showing up even though they were added.
  • Solution: Please make sure that the IP Addresses are all highlighted before submitting/editting

Issues with Safari

  • Users are not able to submit chances using the Safari browser
  • Solution: Please try using Firefox or IE.