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The New UCLA Logon ID - What's In It For Me?

Who Should Read: This document is written for general users looking to understand what the UCLA Logon ID can do for them.

Have you heard of the UCLA Logon ID? It is becoming your one passport to a vast array of online resources at UCLA, such as BOL email, wireless networks, research tracking systems, travel reservation, course web sites, Gradebook and departmental resources. Having trouble remembering which logon ID to use with which application will soon be a thing of the past.

Who can get a UCLA Logon ID?

All UCLA students and staff get a new logon ID. In addition, parents of students, visiting scholars and other university affiliates are welcome to as well.

You might wonder why one would even want a UCLA Logon ID in the first place. Let's follow a few cases in the UCLA community:

Using a UCLA Logon ID

Kim and Her father, David

Kim is a senior Biology student. She uses her UCLA Logon ID to check her email, access the campus wireless networks, enrolls in classes via URSA, and participates in online course discussions. However, Kim needs David, her father, to help with paying her last year's registration fee. Kim has been sharing her logon ID and password with David so he can pay the fees online (sharing a logon ID is a big no no). However, Kim might not necessarily want her parents to be able to inadvertently see grades or her personal emails. With the new UCLA Logon ID system, David can now get his own ID. Kim can then grant permission to David to access only her financial data, preserving her privacy in the process.

Professor John Lu

Let's look at another user case. Professor John Lu is a researcher and faculty in the Life Sciences Department. He uses his UCLA logon ID to access email, grant proposal tracking systems and the course web sites of the classes he teaches. He also uses the same UCLA Logon ID to submit his travel expenses via UCLA Express.

Even more exciting, UCLA's web single sign-on system behind the UCLA Logon ID is integrated into a larger academic federation. It means that Professor Lu uses the UCLA Logon ID to access resources at member insitutions of the federation such as a collaborative knowledge exchange site located at UC Berkeley, grant tracking systems at NIH, UC-wide online training systems, and discount travel reservation portals.

The federation technology behind all this is called Shibboleth. Click here for a video demonstration of the federation feature.

Getting a UCLA Logon ID

It couldn't be easier to create your own UCLA Logon ID. In fact, most students and staff probably already have one. Data from the Bruin Online System was already used to generate the new existing IDs. Users can check if they already have one.

An Exciting Future Awaits

Getting a UCLA Logon ID is just the beginning. We have many exciting new features planned. Over the next few months, we will periodically publish new articles featuring various IAMUCLA services and more exciting updates to the UCLA Logon ID. The UCLA Logon ID is a powerful digital passport to all aspects of your digital university life. Get your logon ID now. Many exciting opportunities await you.

Please explore our website for more information or contact us with any unanswered questions.

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