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IAMUCLA This Week: July 13, 2009


Stimulus Package - Continues!

The IAMUCLA Stimulus Package is our exciting incentive program that we hope will encourage you to migrate your ISIS application to Shibboleth as soon as possible.
Click here for details In order to qualify for the next drawing of (5) $75 Bruin Credits, you must complete a migration before July 31.

System Announcements

In preparation for the new mainframe install in August, AIS is rearranging the data center space layout. Part of it involves moving a significant numbers of IAMUCLA servers.

We are dividing the move into two parts. The first move will happen this Thursday (7/16/2009) evening between 8 to 10 PM. This move will be completely transparent to the users. There will be no outage.

The second move will occur on Sunday (7/19/2009) between 4 to 5 AM.
There will be an approximately 30 minute outage while we move our primary database server during this time. During this 30 minute outage, ISIS, Shibboleth, and ED Web Service will be unavailable.

If you have questions, please contact Albert Wu Thank you.

IAMUCLA Technical Support Hours

For the week of July 13, 2009:





Michael Yasui

11AM - 4PM


Michael Yasui

11AM - 4PM


Michael Yasui

11AM - 4PM


Datta Mahabalagiri

12PM - 4PM


Warren Leung

1PM - 5PM

Contacting IAMUCLA

Web Site:
Email: iamucla at
Discussion List: iamucla-user at (subscription info)
Follow us on Twitter:
Coordinator: Lawrence Lu