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IAMUCLA This Week: April 20, 2009


Conference Follow Up

Thanks to everyone for coming to our IAMUCLA event. We hope you found the afternoon useful. Below are the links that were mentioned by the speakers.

Shibboleth SP 2.1 Set Up and Configuration Guides (beta; login required; feedback appreciated)

Internet2 Shibboleth mailing lists - Follow instruction on page to subscribe. Subscribe to shibboleth-users

IAMUCLA mailing list

In addition, here are 2 key web sites you'll want to bookmark if you are doing Shib work at UCLA:

Internet 2 Shibboleth site

IAMUCLA support site

System Announcements

April 26, 2009, time TBD: Security Patches on i5w1, i5w2, i2d1, i2d2. Detailed time of patches will be sent out in separate notice.

  • End user will experience an outage for up to 20 minutes while i2d2 is patched.

WARNING: Backend jobs may experience much longer outage. DPNS plans to take both database servers down at the same time; patch i2d2; bring i2d2 online; patch i2d1, bring i2d1 online.

IAMUCLA Technical Support Hours

For the week of April 20, 2009:





Xiaoling Zhang

1PM - 5PM


Xiaoling Zhang

1PM - 5PM


Xiaoling Zhang

1PM - 5PM


Datta Mahabalagiri

1PM - 5PM


Warren Leung

1PM - 5PM

Contacting IAMUCLA

Web Site:
Email: iamucla at
Discussion List: iamucla-user at (subscription info)
Follow us on Twitter:
Coordinator: Lawrence Lu